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Letter to the Chairman of the Board


Dear Mr. Jack Howlett,

I'd like to take a few minutes to thank you and your staff for the care I received during my stay at your hospital. When I was admitted to the Emergency Room, needless to say I was not feeling very well. It was very nice of you and Mr. Distefano, CEO to stop by and see if there was anything you could do and to let me know a bed would be ready soon. That meant a lot to me and was a great help.

In the Emergency Room a nurse named Jennifer put me at ease and made me feel comfortable in an upsetting situation. In CCU nurses Stephanie and Anna were helpful, understanding, informative and obviously cared a great deal about what they did. The care there was tremendous and again, put me at ease in what was a scary situation to say the least.

From CCU it was on to the Telemetry Unit where the care was just as great as before. A nurse named Linda talked to me and answered all my questions. She was knowledgeable and honest and obviously has a passion for what she does. I would also like to thank Eden and Rosie for their dedication and apparent love for what they do. Thank you to Rosie for her humor. If I had stitches, I would have popped them. I needed that. I would like to thank Silvia for her concern. She went out of her way to check on me and always had a smile on her face. That might still be the best medicine. Barbara another nurse, couldn't do enough for me. She was always concerned, attentive and like everyone else passionate about what she does. She lit up the room when she came in, as did all the others and I thank them all for that.

At the front desk Mary made sue that my wife made it down to where I was having tests. She went out of her way to get her there before I went in. She is one of the kindest, most considerate people I have ever met. The nurse's assistants were all great as was the young man who would take me down and back for the various tests. I'm sorry if I left anyone out because they were all fantastic.

I'm sure that the care I received simply mirrors the care everyone is receiving everywhere at New Island Hospital. Thank you again for making a difficult situation manageable. I'll always be grateful.

Joseph Vani